LPC will complete additional Spring time Water Testing

LPC is in the process of completing additional springtime water testing due to the slight change in watercolor that usually occurs each year when the snowpack is melting.  All culinary tests completed in March resulted in good results with no issues identified.  The lime beds above the North Fork springs have been upgraded and all follow-up tests did not result in any additional improvements required by the Division of Drinking Water (DDW).  The lime bed is the treatment in place to maintain an acceptable PH level which is used to prevent corrosive water.

LPC is a Shareholder owned company, please keep in mind that all additional testing required that has resulted from phone calls made will be paid for by all Shareholders.  The suggestion that LPC can be fined would also be funds paid for by the Shareholders.  If you have a concern with your individual water supply, we recommend that you follow the DDW suggestion and have your water tested by their department.  The board consists of five members volunteering their time to ensure each Shareholder has water tested for quality on a consistent basis.  We take this responsibility very seriously and we are all Liberty residents that drink LPC water.  If an issue were to occur with our water sources, Shareholders will be notified immediately through this website, emails that have been provided to the company, and possibly phone calls/texts depending on the severity of the issue.  The Annual Water Reports (CCR) can be viewed on this website under "Shareholder Documents".  LPC has requested the DDW to set up a conference call with the Board to discuss this issue as it occurs each Spring once all of the additional testing is completed and results can be reviewed.  Follow up on this issue will be posted after that meeting occurs.