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Conserving Water during the 2022 drought conditions

Thank you to all of our Shareholders who have been trying to conserve water this summer. LPC adopted a Water Conservation Ordanance in 2021 which is still in effect. This can be located on the website under Shareholder Documents. To all of the Shareholders who have purchased a meter reading device, please note that LPC will use their meter readers to deter the amount of water used. The meter reading devices such as Flume 2 must be calibrated correctly and possibly checked during the summer months if there is a discrepancy with LPCs meter reads. Some houses have a large pressure tank. In this case, when you turn on your water, water will first flow from the tank and your meter will not spin. When the tank is empty, your meter will begin to spin. In order for calibration to work in this situation, you must wait for the meter to start spinning before you can initiate the calibration. If you are still having issues, please contact Flume Support.