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Increase in Water Rates becomes effective July 1, 2024.

During the Annual 2024 Shareholder meeting those in attendance were informed that LPC requested a rate study be completed by Rural Water to ensure the company can adequately pay for necessary upgrades and repairs.  This resulted in a significant increase to the Shareholders monthly assessment amount.  The Board has tried to keep the water rates low, however, with the Pipeline Replacement Project, necessary to decrease the number of leaks, and the Booster Pump Project, necessary to increase flow to the northern section of the system, we no longer have the ability to keep the low rates in place.  In addition to the expense of necessary repairs and upgrades, LPC has the expense of ongoing Attorney fees in an effort to resolve the lawsuit filed by Arrowleaf LLC involving one of LPCs water sources (the Bailey Tank).  LPC encourages Shareholders to continue their conservation efforts.  The base rate for 20,000 gallons per month has increased to $70.  If more than 20,000 gallons per month is