Outside watering can resume with restrictions in place

  The North Fork Tank has filled.   Outside watering can resume at night no more than every other evening.   If you can water less, please do so.   Watering during the day is strictly prohibited.   Please do not fill swimming pools or use outside activities involving drinking water.   LPC will continue to monitor the water levels in the tank and keep you posted per this website.   Thank you to all of the Shareholders for your support and cooperation with the efforts to conserve water throughout this summer.  

Outside Watering Using LPC Drinking Water is Temporarily Suspended

Due to Severe Drought Conditions, all outside watering using Liberty Pipeline Company (LPC) drinking water is temporarily suspended.   Liberty Pipeline has had to utilize water sources that are not normally put into use until late summer.   The situation is critical.   Please keep in mind, LPC is run by an all-volunteer Board who donate hundreds of hours of their time.   The Secretary that answers to hear your concerns, complaints and questions does not set the prices or make the necessary decisions such as a need to suspend outside watering.   Please be considerate.   LPC Board members realize this decision will not be popular, however, we realize not being able to provide drinking water to each Shareholders home would be even more unpopular.   Rate increases or fines maybe enforced in the future if Shareholders do not comply with this request.   Absolutely no swimming pools, and other outside activities should use LPC drinking water.   Our goal is to deliver water on demand, whether

2021 Board Member Election

The votes have been counted.  Matt Bailey and Ed Vandyke will remain on the Board for another 2 year term.  Thank you to all Shareholders who submitted their voting cards.  Thank you to our two inspectors of election (Morgan Montgomery and Marybeth Zielenbach), who volunteered to review voting counts.   Mitch Holmes - LPC President, Matt Bailey - LPC Vice President, Jami Hadlock - Treasurer, Dan Ianniello - Officer, Ed VanDyke - Officer, and Jodi Davis - Secretary/Bookkeeper

Water Conservation is important to all of us. Please do your part to conserve water this summer.

 The low precipitation this winter and spring raises concerns of how much water will be available for outdoor watering.  Please delay watering outdoors for as long as possible.  When you do start watering outdoors, please limit the time you water between the hours of 7:00 pm to 7:00 am.  Please refer to the Conservation link on the website for additional ideas for water conservation.

Annual 2021 Shareholder Meeting

 Shareholders,  Due to the continued restrictions brought on by COVID-19, the Liberty Pipeline Company (LPC) Board will be sending out a newsletter to all Shareholders informing all of the current LPC projects rather than hold an public meeting.  This year 2 Board members, Matt Bailey & Ed Vandyke, are up for re-election.  If you have an interest in serving on the Board, please provide a short Bio outlining your abilities to serve on the Board, to by April 15, 2021.  The LPC Board can also be contacted through this website if there are any questions. Thank you, LPC Board members

Water is Precious - Please Conserve

During this summer of low precipitation, LPC is again asking all water customers to be mindful of their water usage and to conserve when possible.  Please do not water outside during the day, and minimize the use of outdoor watering.

2020 Elected Board Members

The Shareholder voting card calculation has been completed for the election of Board members. Two Inspectors of the Election have confirmed the results.  The elected Board members for 2020 are: Mitch Holmes Jami Hadlock Dan Ianniello LPC Board members thank all those who participated in the voting and for all of the Shareholders understanding of the need to cancel the 2020 Annual Shareholders meeting due to COVID-19 restrictions.  LPC did not receive any questions concerning the information that was provided in the letter sent to Shareholders to update all of the current status of LPC activities.  The LPC Board also cancelled their monthly April meeting.  We anticipate meeting during May and the posting of the meeting notes will resume at that time.