Special Shareholders Meeting to discuss Revised Impact Fee Study has been rescheduled

The LPC Board has rescheduled the Special Shareholders Meeting via Zoom for September 22, 2021 at 6:00 pm.  Join the meeting:  or the optional dial in number is 971-292-4660 PIN 77902.  Cody Deeter will host this meeting to discuss the revised Impact Study currently posted under Shareholders Documents.  The Board will meet at the Eden Bowery, for those who wish to attend in person, please practice social distancing and masks are recommended for anyone who has not been vaccinated against Covid-19.  

CANCELLED - Special Shareholder Meeting - August 11, 2021 6:00 pm Liberty Park Bowery

Due to the high rate of Covid-19 cases identified in this area, the Shareholder meeting has been cancelled until a time that it is safer to meet. (The LPC Board members will hold a Special Shareholder Meeting to discuss the newly revised Impact Fee Study and Shareholders concerns of this years drought restrictions.   Please plan on attending the meeting on Wednesday August 11, 2021 at 6:00pm.  Shareholders are also welcome to share water conservation ideas during this meeting. ) 

New Impact Study and Fee posted for Shareholders Review - LPC Shareholders Meeting to be scheduled soon.

 The Liberty Pipeline Board commissioned and has received a revised Impact Fee Study.  It has been updated from the 2014 version taking into consideration Valley growth, available water supply etc.  Each new connection to Liberty Pipeline Company will be required to pay an Impact Fee in addition to the Connection Fee, Meter Installment, and Back-flow Prevention Device.  Please review the document under Information, Shareholder documents.  The LPC Board members are currently setting up a meeting for Impact Fee Discussion as well as issues with the current drought.  As soon as a date is set, a new notice will be posted.  Thank you for your patience. LPC Board Members

Please conserve water - Base water allotment per month is 20,000 gallons. Water rates will be increased dramatically if water usage goes beyond 20,000 gallons per month effective immediately.

LPC water levels are extremely low. The Board has requested Shareholders to limit water usage to their allotted 20,000 gallons per month.  After reviewing the water usage for the month of June, the Board has come to the painful conclusion that a temporary water rate increase throughout the summer will be required to encourage Shareholders to conserve water.  During the month of June, 175 Shareholders used over their allotted 20,000 gallons,  107 used over 30,000 gallons, 3 used over 100,000 gallons.  Please review your bill closely this month and decrease your water usage if you have used over 20,000 gallons.  The new rate structure is shown below. If you have water conservation tips that you would like to share with your neighbors, please send them in via the contact page on this website, we will post suggestions as they are provided to us.   Thank you, Liberty Pipeline Company Board Members Temporary Increment Water Conservation Rate Structure due to Drought condition

Update: Outside Watering can resume with restrictions in place until further notice.

Outside watering can resume with restrictions in place.  No outside watering is permitted during daytime hours using culinary/drinking water.  Outside watering is permitted two day per week during nighttime hours.  Please limit the amount used to ensure all shareholders have drinking water throughout the summer.  Some LPC shareholders own shares in Liberty irrigation/secondary water, this water has also been restricted for use during the day and limited for use every other day from 6:00 pm to 6:00 am.   Please keep in mind that sprinklers out in the fields is irrigation water.  It is an entirely different system than our culinary drinking water.  The watering out in the fields is untreated water not appropriate for household use.  Water restrictions for using drinking water for outdoor use will be in place throughout the summer to ensure our households have sufficient water.  It is also necessary to ensure sufficient levels for fire prevention.  LPC will follow the States recommendatio

Outside watering can resume with restrictions in place

  The North Fork Tank has filled.   Outside watering can resume at night no more than every other evening.   If you can water less, please do so.   Watering during the day is strictly prohibited.   Please do not fill swimming pools or use outside activities involving drinking water.   LPC will continue to monitor the water levels in the tank and keep you posted per this website.   Thank you to all of the Shareholders for your support and cooperation with the efforts to conserve water throughout this summer.  

Outside Watering Using LPC Drinking Water is Temporarily Suspended

Due to Severe Drought Conditions, all outside watering using Liberty Pipeline Company (LPC) drinking water is temporarily suspended.   Liberty Pipeline has had to utilize water sources that are not normally put into use until late summer.   The situation is critical.   Please keep in mind, LPC is run by an all-volunteer Board who donate hundreds of hours of their time.   The Secretary that answers to hear your concerns, complaints and questions does not set the prices or make the necessary decisions such as a need to suspend outside watering.   Please be considerate.   LPC Board members realize this decision will not be popular, however, we realize not being able to provide drinking water to each Shareholders home would be even more unpopular.   Rate increases or fines maybe enforced in the future if Shareholders do not comply with this request.   Absolutely no swimming pools, and other outside activities should use LPC drinking water.   Our goal is to deliver water on demand, whether