Water Leak Repair - Water will be shut off today

 In order to repair a large leak in the North Fork area, water will be shut off for the better part of the day for all of Durfee Creek and the North Fork area down to the Montgomery PRV.  

2023 Annual Shareholder Meeting Board members voting results

Liberty Pipeline Company is pleased to announce that Matt Bailey and Ed VanDyke will continue to serve on the LPC Board for another two-year term.  We are grateful for their willingness to volunteer their time and service to the LPC shareholders.   2023 Board members also include Jami Hadlock, Mitch Holmes, and John Wood.  

Update: Leak has been repaired and water restored

  Water will be turned off from the three way stop along 4100 North going East.  Updates of repairs will be posted as soon as repairs are completed.

Low Pressure or no water issues have been reported in the North Fork and surrounding areas

Update:  The SCADA monitoring system is experiencing glitches.  LPC will be manually controlling the well until repairs can be made next week.  If you continue to experience low water pressure issues, please contact us through this website.    

Annual Shareholders Meeting April 27, 2023

 The Annual Shareholders Meeting has been scheduled for April 27, 2023, from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm at the Eden Park Bowery.  All Shareholders have been invited to the meeting via mail.   Please remember to return your voting cards signed and dated by April 27, 2023 to Liberty Pipeline Co.  

The "Do not drink water warning" has been lifted by the DDW.

 DRINKING WATER ORDER LIFTED Liberty Pipeline Company water has been tested for heavy metals and is not in violation of drinking water standards. Safe to Resume Routine Water Use Summary Water collected from local Cutler springs has acidic pH levels and is treated with Lime prior to distribution. The treatment system has failed, which increases the likelihood of changes in water quality including the following:  Leaching of heavy metals from infrastructure, including Lead and Copper  Change in Taste, Odor, and Color Utah Division of Drinking Water Staff was notified of a treatment system failure to address acid pH at the Cutler Springs. On Friday March 24th, Division staff collected heavy metal samples within the distribution system. The test results were received Tuesday, March 28th, and indicated no exceedances of drinking water standards. The Do Not Drink Order has been lifted and residents can resume water use. Health Information How Lead Gets into Water Lead in drinking water mo

Update on low PH level identified at the North Fork Tank

  Ryan Deering from the Division of Drinking Water (DDW) stated the lowest PH level of 6.38 was near the North Fork Tank, tests taken lower in the system were at PH 7 level.   Typically, water companies are required to maintain a level of 6.5 to 8.5.   If you have a reverse osmosis system combined with a carbon filter, or a filter pitcher of water, you can safely drink the water once you check your system’s water filter micron size rating that is available from the manufacturer to determine if your filter is sufficient.     Additional information concerning water filters can be found on the following website   EWG Tap Water Database | Water Filters The DDW stated the water is safe to do dishes, take baths, and do laundry.   Additional testing has been completed to determine if the PH level has resulted in lead traces in the water.   They believe they will have the results as early as Tuesday.    Additionally,  PH level testing will also be conducted by LPC on Tuesday in the South