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Water meters must remain clear for accurate water usage readings

Please ensure that water meters are clear from debris and/or landscaping so they can be accessible and read accurately each month.  Fire Hydrants must also be cleared from weeds and snow. It is each member's responsibility to ensure Water Meters and Fire Hydrants are cleared.

New Rate Structure effective June 1, 2018

A new Increment Water Conservation Rate Structure will be effective June 1, 2018.  The new rate structure has been added to the "Shareholders Documents."   Based on Utah Code, effective 5/10/2016, 73-10-32.5 Culinary water pricing structure is required.  A retail water provider shall; Establish a culinary water rate structure that Incorporates increasing block units of water used; and provides for an increase in the rate charged for additional block units of water used as usage increases from one block unit to the next; Provide in customer billing notices, or in a notice that is distributed to customers at least annual, block unit rates and the customer’s billing cycle; and Include individual customer water usage in customer billing notices. Enacted by Chapter 282, 2016 General Session