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How you can check your monthly water usage.

  There are a few ways to check your water usage.  First, the monthly usage is on your post card bill if you get one.   Secondly, the email that comes out on the 3rd of each month with how much you owe has a link that takes you to Payclix where you can pay online.  When you log in to Payclix and click on your blue highlighted account number it will pop up an invoice with your usage for that month.   The third way is to order a water metering device that is connected to your meter, such as the Flume 2 device that allows you to see real time usage on an App downloaded to your smartphone.  If you decide to purchase the Flume 2, or any other water metering device, please ensure that it is compatible with the meters used by LPC.  LPC maintenance must install the device.  Simply call Jodi at 801-745-2088 to set up an appointment to have it installed free of charge.

USU Extension Gardening Team Helpful Drought suggestions.

  Drought concerns have caused many people to consider redoing their yards to conserve water. But before you rip out established lawn, shrubs, or garden beds, here are three things you can do instead. 1.      Harvest rainwater. In Utah, the law allows you to have two rain barrels, less than 100 gallons each, on your property. For more information   see our guide.  2.      Improve your soil conditions. Mixing in mulch or organic matter can increase your soil’s water-holding capacity. Even just a 1 to 2% increase in soil organic matter can up your soil’s water-holding capacity by 50 gallons in a 100 sq. ft. space. Check out the information   here   to help you decide which materials to add.  3.      Use drip irrigation for non-turf areas. Changing overhead irrigation to a drip line is not complicated (we’ll show you how   here ). Shrubs and trees vary in their water requirements, and using a drip irrigation system allows you to change the