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$125.00 Assessment

Shareholders who attended the Annual Shareholder Meeting held on April 12, 2018 were notified of costly repairs that are required on the Pressure Reducing Valves (PRV's) located throughout the Liberty Pipeline system.  In total, there are nine PRVs, six are in need of repair or replacement.  The Durfee Creek Rehabilitation Project has depleted the Company's available funds allocated for repairs.  In order to complete repairs and avoid a rate increase, a $125.00 assessment will be included with the April invoice that will be mailed out on May 3rd.  If you have questions, or concerns, you can contact the Board members through this website.

2018 Liberty Pipeline Voting Results

The 2018 LPC votes have been finalized by the Voting Inspectors.  The results are as follows: Mitch Holmes has been re-elected and will continue to serve as the President of Liberty Pipeline Company. Jami Hadlock has been re-elected and will continue to as serve as Treasurer. Telford Meyers has been elected to serve as an officer of the company. The current Board members also include Dave Mills, who is serving as Vice President and Matt Bailey, who was elected by Board majority to fill the position left vacant by Pen Hollist resigning on March 7, 2018.