Update on low PH level identified at the North Fork Tank


Ryan Deering from the Division of Drinking Water (DDW) stated the lowest PH level of 6.38 was near the North Fork Tank, tests taken lower in the system were at PH 7 level.  Typically, water companies are required to maintain a level of 6.5 to 8.5.  If you have a reverse osmosis system combined with a carbon filter, or a filter pitcher of water, you can safely drink the water once you check your system’s water filter micron size rating that is available from the manufacturer to determine if your filter is sufficient.   

Additional information concerning water filters can be found on the following website  EWG Tap Water Database | Water Filters

The DDW stated the water is safe to do dishes, take baths, and do laundry.  Additional testing has been completed to determine if the PH level has resulted in lead traces in the water.  They believe they will have the results as early as Tuesday.  Additionally, PH level testing will also be conducted by LPC on Tuesday in the South end of the system.  If the PH levels are within normal range for the system outside of the North Fork area, the “do not drink ban may be lifted”.  If you have concerns about the severity of the PH level issue, please contact the Utah Division of Drinking Water.