Outside Watering Using LPC Drinking Water is Temporarily Suspended

Due to Severe Drought Conditions, all outside watering using Liberty Pipeline Company (LPC) drinking water is temporarily suspended.  Liberty Pipeline has had to utilize water sources that are not normally put into use until late summer.  The situation is critical.  Please keep in mind, LPC is run by an all-volunteer Board who donate hundreds of hours of their time.  The Secretary that answers to hear your concerns, complaints and questions does not set the prices or make the necessary decisions such as a need to suspend outside watering.  Please be considerate.  LPC Board members realize this decision will not be popular, however, we realize not being able to provide drinking water to each Shareholders home would be even more unpopular.  Rate increases or fines maybe enforced in the future if Shareholders do not comply with this request.  Absolutely no swimming pools, and other outside activities should use LPC drinking water.  Our goal is to deliver water on demand, whether it’s from your faucet or the closest fire hydrant.  Every LPC Shareholder is allotted 20,000 gallons per month per share.  Please do not exceed this amount.  The Board will be closely monitoring the water usage among Shareholders to determine the next action required to ensure water conservation measures are met.  All Shareholders must do their part to conserve water during this severe drought.