Update: Outside Watering can resume with restrictions in place until further notice.

Outside watering can resume with restrictions in place.  No outside watering is permitted during daytime hours using culinary/drinking water.  Outside watering is permitted two day per week during nighttime hours.  Please limit the amount used to ensure all shareholders have drinking water throughout the summer.  Some LPC shareholders own shares in Liberty irrigation/secondary water, this water has also been restricted for use during the day and limited for use every other day from 6:00 pm to 6:00 am.  

Please keep in mind that sprinklers out in the fields is irrigation water.  It is an entirely different system than our culinary drinking water.  The watering out in the fields is untreated water not appropriate for household use.  Water restrictions for using drinking water for outdoor use will be in place throughout the summer to ensure our households have sufficient water.  It is also necessary to ensure sufficient levels for fire prevention.  LPC will follow the States recommendation limiting outside watering for 2 nights per week.  Please do not water outdoors during the day, if Shareholders are not in compliance, LPC may be forced to hike rates in an effort to encourage compliance.  Please take this drought seriously.   

Thank you for your cooperation,

LPC Board Members.