Water Theft Policy

The Liberty Pipeline Company is pleased to provide you with high quality water at the lowest possible cost. People using water illegally—such as using unmetered water—not only denies the water system money each year but also imposes costs on other paying customers.

The conditions shown below may cause us to be suspicious that water theft is occurring at a property:

  • Water Flowing on the property and no water meter in the meter pit.
  • Green lawn and growing trees when private well, secondary water, or an installed water meter are not known to exist.
  • Obvious use of water on a construction site and no water meter has been installed.
  • A jumper or direct connect is found instead of a water meter when the meter pit is opened and inspected.
  • Meter readings that are lower than the history for previous readings.
  • Low consumption based on knowledge of average water consumption.
If you are aware of water theft taking place, or are suspicious that water theft may be occurring, please contact us at (801) 745-2088.

Theft by property owners or developers is a serious offense and can result in significant fines. In addition to any penalties, The Weber County Sheriff will be notified and individuals caught stealing water will be charged for the water they used through an estimated calculation.

Liberty Pipeline will assess penalties for the following:

  • Removal of irregular connection to prevent illegal usage where a water meter has been removed;
  • Removal of a jumper or direct connect to prevent illegal usage and re-installation of water meter;
  • Illegal turn on by customer;
  • Lock off meter with A locking device; and
  • Investigative fee where theft of service has been confirmed.

Thank you for your cooperation,
The Liberty Pipeline Board