Liberty Irrigation Amended Bylaws are ready for review by Shareholders

Please Note: The amendments to the Liberty Irrigation AOI and Bylaws do not apply to Liberty Pipeline members unless you are also a member of Liberty Irrigation (secondary water users). 

The Liberty Irrigation Association has completed a final draft of the Amended Bylaws as shown in the above link.  The Board is providing a four-month review period to allow for Shareholders to provide feedback.  

Shareholders can provide feedback on this website by accessing the contact page or send comments via email to

Individual Board members can also be contacted:
Jami Hadlock -
David Hansen -
Matt Bailey -
Neil Bailey -
Seth Hadlock -

The Bylaws will be voted on during the Annual Shareholder Meeting to be held in March 2024.  Voting cards will be sent out prior to the Annual Meeting.  Shareholders should return the voting cards either at the meeting or via mail PO Box 1003, Liberty, Ut 84310 no later than the date scheduled for the Annual Meeting.    

Shareholders must submit their vote timely and be in good standing (accounts paid in full) in order for their vote to be included.  Voting cards that do not contain the Shareholders signature and date will be voided.  

Note: Liberty Irrigation Association does not have a webpage and requested Liberty Pipeline to accommodate them in developing this page for members to view a draft of the amended Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws for Liberty Irrigation members prior to voting on them.  

The 2023 Articles of Incorporation have been approved by the majority of Shareholders and accepted by the State of Utah.